IM Acronyms - 01

Are you a Chat Guru? Time to find out...

What does the acronym BTDT stand for?

  • Be together, Die together
  • Before times die, try...
  • Be twisted in debt
  • Been there, done that

What does the acronym LMAO stand for?

  • Ladies and Men are offered
  • Lone mind and obselete
  • Laughing my butt off
  • Life, Money and Obese

Which acronym fits best?
Person A: Im having trouble with my PC.
Person B: Try restarting it, _______.

  • HTH
  • FTFY
  • FAQ
  • IDK

What does the acronym FUD stand for?

  • Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
  • Fooled, Uncool and Deliberate
  • First user dillema
  • Feel under dogs

What does the acronym IANAL stand for?

  • I am not alive
  • I do a**l
  • I am never a listener
  • I am not a lawyer

What does the acronym MHOTY stand for?

  • My Hat's Off To You
  • My Honest Opinion, Thank You
  • My Honest Offer To You
  • Many Happy Offers To You

What does the acronym FAQ stand for?

  • Fun as Queen
  • Frequently Asked Question(s)
  • Find a Queen
  • Frequently Avoided Questions(s)

What does the acronym NP stand for?

  • No Problem
  • No Point
  • No Please
  • Not Possible

Which acronym fits best?
"i can't see the image?"
-"its ok, i ______"

  • EOM
  • FTFY
  • BTDT
  • FTW

What does the acronym LMGTFY stand for?

  • Lesbian, Gay, Transgender youth
  • Let me Google that for you
  • Lesbian, Midget, Gay, Transgender, Front, Youth
  • Let me get that for you

What does the acronym NIMBY stand for?

  • Never In Many Bloody Years
  • Not In My Back Yard
  • Not In My Big Yatch
  • Never Im My Boy Years

What does the acronym TTFN stand for?

  • Time taken for now
  • The total fun
  • Track the fortune
  • Ta ta for now

What does the acronym RT stand for?

  • Re-tweet
  • Retry
  • Re-tag
  • Real type

What does the acronym NSFW stand for?

  • North San Fransisco Wing
  • Not suitable for worrying
  • Not safe for work
  • No sex, food or weed

Which acronym fits best?
"After the coronavirus hit, Worldwide research ____ the vaccine is in operation."

  • ILY
  • ITT
  • FYI
  • ISO

What does the acronym l33t or 1337 stand for?

  • HTTP
  • Internet
  • Elite
  • newbie

What does the acronym 2moro stand for?

  • To miss over run over
  • 2 Morons
  • Tomorrow
  • To me an Oreo

Which acronym fits best?
"I met Barrak Obama at the airport; he鈥檚 very nice ____."

  • ILY
  • HTH
  • IRL
  • IOW

What does the acronym FWIW stand for?

  • Forward if worth
  • Free whoever in the world
  • For what it's worth
  • Fight with intention of winning

Which acronym fits best?
"They're letting me go. ________ , I've been sacked..."

  • ILY
  • HTH
  • IDK
  • IOW