IM Acronyms - 02

Are you a Chat Guru? Time to find out...

What does the acronym WYWH stand for?

  • Why? Where?
  • Why You Were Here?
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Wish You Went Home

Which acronym fits best?
'You are doing such a _______ job!'

  • BRB
  • GR8
  • ILY
  • IMHO

What does the acronym MMORPG stand for?

  • Mammograph
  • Multimedia objects and RPG
  • Multi Meter of RPG
  • Massive multiplayer online role-playing game

What does the acronym HTH stand for?

  • Hire the Hooker
  • Hack the hook
  • Hope this helps
  • Hope the horrible

Which acronym fits best?
"Dude, my computer is ____! It has the newest graphics card and 16 gigabytes of RAM."

  • noob
  • IMHO
  • l33t
  • JK

Which acronym fits best?
"_______ism is when people protests against proposed projects like city projects, and cause alot of trouble by protesting.."


What does the acronym ELI5 stand for?

  • 5 star elite
  • Explain like Im 5 years old
  • Elise (Girl)
  • End Live in 5 min

What does the acronym AFAIK stand for?

  • A f**k
  • A fake (copy)
  • As far as I know
  • As far as in Kentucky

Which acronym fits best?
Vinny: _______
Ryan: ooooooookee
-2 Minutes later-
Vinny: back, as you were saying?
Ryan: YAY!

  • B4N
  • BRB
  • 2D

What does the acronym IMO stand for?

  • In my opinion
  • Instant messaging online
  • Instant message office
  • In my office

What does the acronym IDK stand for?

  • I do know
  • I did kill
  • I would kill
  • I don't know

What does the acronym w00t stand for?

  • Hooter
  • An expression of joy
  • Noob
  • What?

What does the acronym FTFY stand for?

  • Fixed that for you
  • Full time fully yanked
  • 50
  • Fix that? F*** you...

What does the acronym STBY stand for?

  • Sucks to be you
  • Scooby Dooby
  • Shout to be young
  • Stand by

What does the acronym CYA stand for?

  • See You
  • Catch your aunt
  • Cute, young and appealing
  • Say ya!!

What does the acronym JK stand for?

  • Joker
  • Jacking
  • Just Kidding
  • Jocking

What does the acronym LOL stand for?

  • Like on Like
  • Laughing on Leave
  • Laughing out loud
  • Laugh on Loss

What does the acronym B4N stand for?

  • Before noon
  • Bye For Now
  • Before night
  • Been for nap

What does the acronym TLA stand for?

  • True Los Angeles
  • Three letter acronym
  • The Last Ace
  • The Love Act

Which acronym fits best?
Person1: what do you want to do today?
Person2: ______, you pick

  • HTH
  • FAQ
  • IDK
  • FYI