IM Acronyms - 03

Are you a Chat Guru? Time to find out...

Which acronym fits best?
"_____, today is Carl's birthday"

  • FTFY
  • BRB
  • FYI
  • EOM

Which acronym fits best?
"I will punch you in the face. ____, don't take it too seriously."

  • FYI
  • JK
  • IMO
  • ILY

What does the acronym IRL stand for?

  • Infra-red line
  • I roll
  • I ride a Limo...
  • In real life

What does the acronym n00b stand for?

  • Newbie
  • Expert
  • Moderator
  • Female body organ

Which acronym fits best?
"I think they should make more episodes for this Netflix show, ____."

  • IMO
  • ILY
  • HTH

What does the acronym IOW stand for?

  • I owe...
  • In other words
  • Expression of pain
  • Im on weed

What does the acronym MOTOS stand for?

  • Mottos
  • Member of the opposite sex
  • Motor Car
  • Member of the original sex

What does the acronym WFH stand for?

  • Work for Home
  • Work from Home
  • Write for Home
  • Wronged for Home

What does the acronym ROFL stand for?

  • Rolling on the floor laughing
  • Run off for life
  • Read on for laughing
  • Roll off for life

What does the acronym IIRC stand for?

  • Im in Internet Relay Chat
  • If I recall correctly
  • I incline to real chat
  • If I read carelessly

What does the acronym SOL stand for?

  • Seen on live
  • See other link
  • Sooner or later
  • See on link

Which acronym fits best?
We talk about so much hatred out there. _____, I think there is enough love to engulf all the hatred

  • ILY
  • IMHO
  • HTH

What does the acronym MOTSS stand for?

  • Mottos
  • Motor Car
  • Member of the stupid sex
  • Member of the same sex

What does the acronym RBTL stand for?

  • Read between the lines
  • Run before the lead
  • Run by the lane
  • Read before taken offline

What does the acronym WTF stand for?

  • Write to friend
  • Where to find?
  • What's to feel?
  • What the heck

What does the acronym BRB stand for?

  • Beer / Rum / BBQ
  • Before rain builds
  • Be right, but...
  • Be right back

Which acronym fits best?
Boy: Don't ever let me lose you, _____
Girl: ______ too

  • ILY
  • FYI
  • MLU
  • IDK

What does the acronym IMHO stand for?

  • Im my heated opinion
  • Im horrible
  • In my humble opinion
  • Im heading over...

What does the acronym RTFM stand for?

  • Retweet for me
  • Read the fine manual
  • Re-tag fine manual
  • Real time format mode

What does the acronym OT stand for?

  • Off Topic
  • Ovaltine
  • On Trending
  • Other Time